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authority of crypto payment

Via ACE`s crypto payment technology,
expand your global business,
The world's leading crypto payment deals with all business solutions!

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Compare with traditional Fiat payment, ACE payment provides more benefits

Give customers the safest payment channel, 24 hours anytime transaction, 100% security!

  • Low cost
  • Decentralization
  • Secure
  • Peer to Peer
  • Fast
  • Hassle-free Account Opening
  • Privacy

Crypto Payment Integration

Simplify the payment process, the most perfect third payment solution!

  • CryptoPayment

    Through the third-party encrypted payment system platform, scan the QR Code and use it to complete virtual currency payment!

  • Exchange

    Risk-free crypto exchange services with lowest fees and fastest exchange efficiency. Exchanging the most popular virtual currency !

  • E-Wallet

    Fully decentralized and autonomously manage assets. Safe, reliable and scalable wallet solution. Bringing convenience and safety !

  • Fiat

    Fastly and safely turn your cryptocurrency into cash. Directly sending to your bank account !

  • Know Your Transaction

    Integration of KYT cryptocurrency compliance service to prevent laundering and other illegal activities.

Start using ACE payment now

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Crypto Payment Tailored Service

Applicable to all types of platforms and services,
easily docking your business model!

  • E-commerce

    The globalization of electronic commerce, through digital currency payment, makes it easy for customers around the world to buy your products! More and more customers have invested in USDT third payment to increase revenue.

  • Gambling Industry

    The global gaming industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and cryptocurrency payment is definitely the new star of the gaming industry in the future. Quickly and automatically increase the score to solve the common problem of betting!

  • Online Gaming

    Online games will definitely be the future trend. Digital currency payment and the third USDT payment platform will definitely replace the traditional purchase of game points! Scan to complete the purchase!

  • Travel Industry

    Global travel is widely loved by many people. With the surge in online bookings, this also makes the encrypted third-party payment system one of the payment channels in the future.

  • Webcast Industry

    Online live broadcasts, online dating, more and more people are giving online gifts to live broadcasters. With the third-party encryption payment company and the USDT payment system, let global audiences purchase and increase your income!

  • Hedge Funds

    Hedge funds will generate hundreds of millions of dollars management fees. Crypto payment will be your best way to cost down.

Crypto Payment Flow

Simplify the third-party encryption payment process and improve the TRC20 & ERC20 transmission channels!

AECPAY independent OTC trading system

Worried that customers do not know how to purchase virtual currency?

do not worry! We will provide OTC trading system for free, and all problems will be solved for you!

  • OTC merchants are independent
  • Detailed OTC records
  • Simple operation
  • Free to enjoy
  • Fully manage the merchant list
  • Full management user list

Management Backend

To your management team, all relevant payment information !

  • Bills

    Status of invoices,Time info,Number of transaction,Currency amount

  • Transactions

    Transaction track,Related invoice,Status:Pending/Approved,Confirmation time

  • Withdrawls

    Withdrawls list,Status of withdrawls,Amount,Currency,Tracking ID

  • Transfers

    Transfer list, Amount, Currecy date,Smart search

  • Memeber system

    Member manager, Smart search, Smart category

ACE payment Amazing payment

Integrate Ace Payment into your business model, easy and simple!

  • Instant transaction with zero risk

    With the lowest price, risk to make the most secure crypto payment.

  • Best technical team support

    Our technical team will stand by for 24 hours. Providing the solution way at any time.

  • Safe and Reliable

    Security is always the most important thing. We treat customer security as the main point, establishing the most secure crypto payment.

  • The growing crypto market

    With the cryptocurrency market growing, it has great potential. Integrating crypto payments is definitely the future trend.

  • Integrate your E-commerce

    If you are an e-commerce company, using crypto payment will definitely cost down and low risk. Start to expand your global business.

ACE payment API solution

We offer the API solution document, via our technology integration

  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Scalable

Through the Ace Payment API file, integrate it into your collection page or Ace Payment Collection page!

Crypto Payment has no boundary

Smoothly transfer digital currency, support global merchants to connect encrypted payments and digital currency payments!

Enterprise-Level IT infrastructure

The digital certificate of the SSL server improves the payment security level to the enterprise level!

  • Anti-DDos

    Protect your business against attacks with our system. A whitelist function enables the user to choose the trusted wallets for withdrawals.

  • 24 / 7 server monitoring

    A 24/7 support line is for you. In addition, our technical support is also available for monitoring security issues.

  • Secure access

    Via our API with SSL encryption, while users use our service, will get the maximum security.

  • Security update

    We continuously update the system, optimize it and also increase the efficiency

Payments Available in 10+ Language

ACE payment provides up to 10 language packs, allowing owners to expand their global business !

  • Chinese

  • Chinese

  • English

  • Korea

  • Japanese

  • German

  • French

  • Indonesian

  • Thai

  • Spanish

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